Nortel Goes Bankrupt ....2009 

Nortel Networks, Canadian maker of telephone central office switching equipment and telephone systems filed on January 14, 2009, and plans to restructure. They have lost $7 billion over the last three years and the company has shrunk dramatically, and is expected to be sold off pieces of the business. Immediate impact on Nortel phone system customers is unclear, but look for support and dealers to fade away over time. The secondary market may be a primary supply source from here on out. Five years later the bankruptcy is still dragging out, and the division of the proceeds is all that's left. 

DTEL Techs...gettin' it done under pressure....2008

We responded to several of our customers on May 9th, 2008 as the result of the pre-dawn tornado that touched down in Gastonia that morning. On that day we restored service to approximately (8) of our customers, including rigging temporary emergency telephone and data drops for approximately (30)employees of Partners (Pathways), after their building sustained major structural damage to the south wing, and doing the same for Industrial Distribution Group in Belmont after they lost the roof of their warehouse. DTEL techs rigged data and telephone service at a temporary location for IDG and completed the job in (2) business days. Our techs worked overtime in difficult circumstances to restore service and were on the scene working within one hour of receiving the service call at both locations… that’s real customer service – and we’re gonna toot our horn about it a little bit!