Allworx - Allworx makes an award-winning line of VOIP telephone systems, the 48x for medium size businesses and the 6x for smaller businesses that are VoIP capable with analog line ports as well, and as have optional on-board network and email servers, mirrored disc back up, The telephones are attractive, durable, and user friendly. Allworx recently won the best of show award at the IT Expo, 2014 in Miami.

Vertical – Vertical is a manufacturer or business telecom equipment located in Tampa, Fl. From small key systems to large PBX systems, IP phone systems, voice mail, networked systems and more. Lots of info about Vertical products.

Captive Marketing
Messages on hold can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business. In almost every area of your sales, service, and marketing activities you encourage customers to call you. Captive marketing can help you cross sell additional products, deliver increased revenue, and lower costs.

Windstream – A Greenville, SC based provider of local and long distance service and dedicated internet service, bundled and priced attractively for businesses. 

Valcom – Valcom is the industry leader in overhead paging. From a paging horn on the noisiest plant floor to background music in the most stylish lobby, Valcom has the solution. Also offered are entry access systems that integrate with you telephone system, so you control access and paging from your telephones.

Headsets direct – THE headset source. All kinds, for any telephone, Headsets Direct can help. They repair headsets, stock spare parts, and offer excellent technical help. Great prices on headsets too.

Bellsouth Repair Service – To report a line trouble on a Bellsouth business line via the Internet, use this link. They generally respond quicker than telephoning. To call them, for 10 lines or less dial 866-620-6900, for 10+ lines call 800-247-2020. Use these numbers in case you want an update on your report.

Cell Phone Boosters
If you are tired of having trouble maintaining cell phone signal strength inside a home or office, you may need a cellular phone signal booster. In order to improve the wireless service, the cell phone signal needs to be amplified. Wilson’s cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Wilson cell signal boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.