DTEL’s hottest new product is a hybrid family of VOIP systems from Allworx of Rochester, NY – the Allworx 6x and the Allworx 48x a remarkably flexible combination of a traditional key or PBX with Voice over Internet (VoIP) technology and a powerful voice processing component including a (16) port voice mail system with multiple auto attendants, call queues, with network servers built in, including an email/file/web server with firewall and mirrored disc redundancy, an advanced messaging system including group calendaring and collaboration software, unified messaging with text-to-voice message delivery to a cell or off-site phone and much more. IP telephones allow you to switch your long distance over the Internet by using SIP lines at flat rates, bypassing the public switched telephone network, resulting in savings for customers with a large volume of long distance or overseas calls. It is an ideal arrangement for remote users, and 6x’s and 48x’s are networkable for remote offices, home workers or remote locations.

The IP telephones are smart and stylish, with multiple keys for line appearances, speed dials and DSS appearances. the Allworx operates off of your existing LAN cabling network, so there’s no need for separate telephone and LAN cable plants. The feature set is extremely robust and user-friendly, and integrates your cell phone with your telephone system. All you need to operate an Allworx telephone remotely is access to an internet connection. Plug your Allworx telephone into any high speed internet connection and you are instantly connected to the telephone system, whether it is across town across the country, or across the world.

The Allworx family of hybrid VoIP systems were Internet Telephony Magazine’s Product of the Year for two years.

The Allworx 48x is designed for up to the 250 user market, and the smaller Allworx 6x is designed for businesses with up to 60 users. Same features, same flexible configuration, and networkable for seamless integration.

A new or start-up business, trying to purchase and assemble these various systems – VoIP enabled telephone system, voice mail/automated attendant system, file server, email server – could find the Allworx an economical solution.

Here is the link to our Allworx training video.

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