Reporting telephone troubles September 30 2013

Reporting a business telephone trouble….first things first. A little narrowing down of the symptoms will help whoever it is reported to. Is it a telephone line trouble that needs to be reported to the telephone company, or a telephone equipment trouble that needs to be reported to your telephone equipment vendor (DTEL)?

Here’s a couple of things you can do to isolate it and give us a more accurate report. If a telephone is dead or acting up, try moving it to another jack that is working. If the trouble follows the phone, it is most likely the phone that is bad.

If a line is dead or noisy, is it dead or noisy at all phones? If so, it could be a line trouble. Report it and have the telephone company test it (which they will do for free). Do not authorize a dispatch (which they will not do for free) if they tell you they think their line is good. If this occurs, you have effectively isolated the trouble; call DTEL and we’ll take it from there.