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FLIR Camera Systems

FLIR Camera Systems – FLIR (Forward looking infrared) security camera systems were developed by the US Military and adapted to the civilian security industry. These are IP camera systems with a remotely accessible network video recorder. Images can be exported to a flash drive. The FLIR Cloud is easy to install and use, and it allows users to access real time or archived images from cellular phones. You can look at individual or groups of cameras. FLIR makes indoor and outdoor cameras, and the images are sharp.

Cameras are a great deterrent for businesses. You will never know what didn;t happen because cameras were being used. Employees that interface with the public feel safer with cameras in place and visible, and they can deter employee theft. They also give you a way to see your entire business property, including parking lots and entrances and exits to the building. For more information about FLIR security cameras, see www.flir.com/security/content/?id=67507

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